Attention: Discovering Balance will be taking a short break until further notice. Once it resumes blog posts will follow the normal schedule. Thank you for your patience. 

Welcome to Discovering Balance! Every year new fad diets rule the internet. “Don’t eat this, don’t eat that”. They want you to purchase books and eat their bland cardboard tasting food for a ridiculous premium every month plus they want you to go out and buy more food. Oh, and don’t forget about all the diet pills that promise to shed pounds WITH diet and exercise (go figure). After battling with weight issues my whole life not knowing which diet to go on or what to eat I decided to refer back to my Nutrition text book from college. Each edition changes slightly every year along with the government standard. It went from a pyramid to a plate. What I ended up noticing was the one thing that didn’t change was the fact that every food group is represented in the pyramid or plate every year no matter what age, race or gender you are. The goal of this blog is to share recipes with you and give you ideas and inspiration on how to make a balanced meal. I will also be sharing resources on how to find what your metabolic rate is or what portions you need for each food group. I hope you find the balance in your diet.