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The Best Calorie Counting App for Weight Loss

I felt blind. I was told I was more than likely eating double the amount of calories I should in a day. So how was I supposed to keep track? So a few years ago or more I sought out  a way to keep track of what I ate and the nutrients in the food I ate. I figured the easiest way to do so would be to find an app to do all of that for me instead of writing it all down. I found quite a few apps but the one that I was the most impressed with and still continue to use is an app called, Lose It! How could I go wrong? My main goal was baked right into the title! So today I’m going to be talking about this app that I use on a daily basis, how to use it and each of its features. First of all if you go to the App Store and type, “Lose It” into the search bar, you should see this. 

If not scroll down until you see the app with the little orange scale icon. The app is initially free. You can sign up for a premium membership later on down the road in order to utilize all features but it isn’t necessary for the basic uses of the app. 

This is what the food log page looks like. It tells you what your calorie budget is based on your age, gender, weight, activity level and how much weight you want to lose each week. The top bar also tells you how many calories you’ve consumed so far and how many calories you are under or over budget. I also love that it shows you how many calories you’ve eaten at each meal!

If you tap the, “My Day” button, it shows you your total calories for the day and how many calories you are under or over budget. 

What I find really cool is that it will show you a chart of your daily and weekly nutrient amounts. It will also monitor your steps and adjust your calorie budget based on your activity level. You do have to connect to the health app that comes with the iPhone but it’s a really cool feature. 

Doing the challenges are a really good way to not only make personal health goals but also do these challenges with people all over the world with the same goals that you have. I’ve actually used this portion of the app to challenge myself to walk more. It worked much better than I anticipated. Apparently all I needed was a little challenge. 

To start tracking your food all you have to do is press the little plus sign in the upper right hand corner and it will take you to this page. 

Click on which meal you’re trying to track and it will redirect you here. 

There are thousands of food options to search from but on the rare occasion that you can’t find the food you are looking for you can scan the barcode on your food item and it will upload ALL of the nutritional information. It’s definitely one of my all time favorite features. It also keeps track of foods you have eaten in the past so you can always click, “My Foods” and select something again on a different day so that there’s no second guessing if you’re choosing the right food. You can also add recipes so that you don’t have to add each ingredient every time you cook that meal. It’s an awesome time saver!

Want to eat more than your daily budget? This app will tell you how many extra calories you can eat after exercise. You just select the exercise you did and for how long and it will adjust your daily amount. 

Go to the “Social” portion of the app to check your total progress, add friends, message them and create support groups. 

You can start different support groups to help further your health. 

The Goals portion shows you your overall progress since you’ve started your weight loss. It shows you how many days are left until you reach your weight goal so long as you stay on track. 

If you pay for premium features you can track meals days in advance and can print out daily and weekly nutrient/calorie reports. All in all this app is incredibly useful and user friendly.  The creators definitely thought of everything when creating this app which is why I have dubbed it The Best Calorie Counting App for Weight Loss. 


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